Solar Panel installation for domestic hot water:-

RM Solar:-
250 Litre copper twin coil vented tank
18 litre expansion tank
Double pump station
2 x S Class Collectors
In roof mounting kit

Solastat-Plus2 differential Controller

Roof/Panel Orientation - South, South East at 30 degrees

Commissioned 22 July 2009

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Lower support batten and lower tile overlap


dimension of lower wooden slat above top of tile (A) is dependant on the type of tile interlock/overhang in this example it was found that after installing the lower flashing, the flashing did not extend below dimension B so allowing water to penetrate through the gap in the tiles.



  issue1   issue1a

Bracket to support lower batten bends

Lower brackets bend with the weight of the panel (exaggerated below to show effect) and raise the height of the leading edge of the lower wooden Slat (2) and effectively raising the height of the panel above the roof battens, see attached photo.


issue2   issue2a

High load support bracket does not make contact with underside of panel - need to add packing.

The High Load Support Bracket (8) is shorter than the upper wood wedge legs (photo) this means that the panel does not make contact with the bracket, spacers have to be inserted under the high load support bracket (8) to overcome this.






Central flashing (two panel installation) not clipping in.

Central flashing (11) is dependant on the distance between panels, if the edge of panel is 10cm from ends of lower slat then the distance is 35mm the wood block with a hole (26) is 32mm.

The distance between the vertical sides of the detent edges is 25mm which result the central flashing being loose and not clipping in, this causes the foam strips to lift the flashing in the centre of the panel.




issue4 centralflashing

Cannot install side flashing without bending - instructions say not to.

Side Flashing's specifically state to push the side flashing over the collector edge with the note

“Be careful! Do not Bend the flashing's

What this does not state is that the lower portion of the side flashing needs to be bent upward so that it will be above the lower flashing. see photo below supplied by RM Solar after reporting this problem



issue5 fk

Panel external frame paint turning darker and shows signs of contamination.

Within 24 hours of installation the paint on the external panel frames became darker and showed some sort of contamination, this change to black is uniform throughout the panel external frame, this was reported to RM Solar who have raised the issue with the panel supplier and manufacturer.

A visit by a support engineer from the supplier put my mind at rest; the frame colour is correct and is how it should look. He suggested that there may be a slight discolouration due to oxidization but this is normal. The strange contamination was also fading and in his opinion there is no problem with the paint and that it would not affect the warranty.

Contamination on the inside of the glass panel.

July 2011
I noticed that the left hand solar panel had something on the panel which I initially thought was bird droppings,  but after a downpour the previous evening which normally clears the panel I decided on a closer inspection, I got a bucket of water and cleaned the glass panel and  the markings are actually on the internal surface of the glass panel if you examine the photo they are not condenstation. I took a couple of photo's, it was difficult to catch the marks clearly as the panel acts like a mirror but if you enlarge the images you can see the marks clearly. I sent the photos to the distributor who forwarded them on for the experts to look at.

September 2011
I chased this and was told that it was being looked at in Germany (where the panels are manufactured)

June 2012
As it was now nearly a year and I had not not received any response I took a second set of photos showing the marks had not changed since the last set and sent these to the distributor requesting an update.

August 2012
The distributor replied and reported that he had not had a reply as yet.

April 2013
Still no response, I can only conclude that the manufacturers do not consider this worthy of responding to and the 20 year guarantee isn't worth the paper its written on.



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