Solar Panel installation for domestic hot water:-

RM Solar:-
250 Litre copper twin coil vented tank
18 litre expansion tank
Double pump station
2 x S Class Collectors
In roof mounting kit

Solastat-Plus2 differential Controller

Roof/Panel Orientation - South, South East at 30 degrees

Commissioned 22 July 2009


Measuring performance is very difficult to quantify as I have no monitoring facility set up so I can only go on infrequent observations of the differential controller temperature read outs for the upper and lower tank temperatures, the Solar pump is on/off or the boiler is on/off. I will at some stage install a low power consumption monitoring device so that more accurate information can be obtained.

Since installing in late July and during August and mid September I would say that the boiler rarely kicked in so the panels were supplying 95% of my domestic hot water, this tailed off to the winter months. During the winter months it is fair to say that on a clear day, i.e. no clouds the panels could get up to 60 degrees C even when the outside temperature was at freezing 0 degrees C however this would only be for a few hours but it was sufficient to heat the lower tank from 10 to 35 degrees C.

So far I am very pleased with the results and am keen to see what happens in the coming months especially June as historically this is a hot month.

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