Solar Panel installation for domestic hot water:-

RM Solar:-
250 Litre copper twin coil vented tank
18 litre expansion tank
Double pump station
2 x S Class Collectors
In roof mounting kit

Solastat-Plus2 differential Controller

Roof/Panel Orientation - South, South East at 30 degrees

Commissioned 22 July 2009

When heating oil went up to 50 pence a litre, I decided that it was time to reduce my heating costs, so as well as further insulating the house I decided to install Solar Panels; as I wanted to retain the look of the house I went for flat panels rather than evacuated tubes because they could be installed in the roof as opposed to sitting on the roof.

After much deliberation I went for RM Solar panels as they came highly recommended and they had a 20 year guarantee so I figured that I would not have to go on the roof again since I intended to install the panels myself.

The Installation issues I experienced were mainly with the documentation supplied by RM; if the installation had been performed by a RM Solar certified installer, then most of the issues would probably have never arisen as the installers would have been aware of them from previous installations. I have reported all the issues discovered back to RM Solar via the distributor I purchased the panels from.

Since installation one of the panels has developed some markings/contamination (issue 7) on the inside of the glass which was reported in July 2011 and as of April 2013 I have not had a response from the manufacturer, which make me doubt the effectiveness of the 20 year guarantee....

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