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After years of working from home I finally decided it was time to have a decent study so I contacted the major players and some local companies to come up with ideas on how I could re organise my current study.


My requirements were:-


  1. As much storage as possible
  2. Sufficient power sockets
  3. Cable Management ports
  4. A location under the cable management ports where I could put my various USB peripherals, power packs for the laptop etc. etc.
  5. A cupboard that would hold 4 plastic under bed storage containers that I have all my PC bits in; cables, devices etc.
  6. All Drawers were to be soft close
  7. Two filing cabinet drawers that I could fully extend so that I could get at the files at the back of the drawer.
  8. The work top to run the full length of the room if possible the only join being at the corner of the L where the two work tops would join.


Items 3 and 4 were necessary as I wanted to reduce as much as possible cables and peripherals on the work top and to be fair the solutions were being presented but I was having to compromise, the cupboard for my storage containers would not take four as there was not enough depth so I could only put two in sideways; this was because the carcass's used are all standard sizes, there were also problems with the length of the work top.


My son who works at an Architects practise suggested that I contact Duncan Weaver and see what he could come up with, Duncan came out and produced a sketch of what I would like. As all the cabinets are custom built to match my specification so the cupboard I wanted to hold the four storage boxs were not a problem.


Nothing was too much trouble for Duncan for example the walls in my study were not straight or square the response to this from the major players etc was to put an up stand where the work top joins the wall to hide the gaps; Duncan came out and created a template of the shape of the walls which he then used to shape the work top in workshop prior to installation.

We did not like the size of the cornice around the cupboard so Duncan produced a smaller one.


A truly professional installation and I am extremely pleased with the results, so much so that I have put my new study on my website as a reference.


  • Study Study Cleared Room
  • Study Study Cleared Room
  • Study Study Cleared Room
  • Duncan's Workshop Duncan's Workshop Under construction room worktop template on top of units
  • Duncan's Workshop Duncan's Workshop
  • Installation Installation Duncan hard at work
  • Installation Installation
  • Study Installed Study Installed
  • Study Installed Study Installed Soft close drawers
  • Study Installed Study Installed Cable ports in worktop
  • Study Installed Study Installed Individual compartment trays with extra depth
  • Study Installed Study Installed Soft close foolscap fileing drawers
  • Study Installed Study Installed Cupboard designed to take 4 underbed storage containers plus shelf above for printer consumables
  • Study Study Completed with laptops installed the laptop power bricks are on a shelf under the desk w
  • Study Study
  • Study Study


Duncan Weaver

Cabinet Maker

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